Conservation - Gunpowder Trail Work

On September 23, 2011 member from the Baltimore Canoe and Kayak club went out to take on an extensive undertaking lead my Chip Walsh and Leonard Huffines.  Chip, Leonard, Nick, John K, Chris, Tony, Laura, Larry, Rich, Ranger Jen, Steve spent many hours working together to move rip-rap into the trenches intended to collect water alongside the trail.  Gravel was loaded into wheel barrows and distributed to the sloped section of the trail and other areas near the top of the trail that needed it most.  

I believe the gravel, stone, and other materials were purchased using leftover funds from a previously received Cliff Bar grant.

There were some follow up trips performed by Tony, Chip and possibly some other folks to tighten up some loose ends.

The remaining gravel and stone was donated to and used by the Gunpowder State park as they see fit.