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Q: Can I use the same login as the old website?
A: The new website does not have the old login information.   You can use the same info, but you will have to click join/renew to set it up again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: I joined as a member, but someone else in my household would like there own login as well.  
A: Yes, membership is for the household so that is fine.  Join as a register guest with a second login.  Use the contact us form to let the website administrator know.  Be sure to include the name of the both logins, the one associated with the paid membership and the one that needs upgrading.

Q: Do I have to enter the Captcha every time I post in the forums? 
A: No, only the very first post you ever make.

Q: Cannot see the events on the calender page. 
A: At the top of the calender there is a blue down arrow. Click it to expand the optional calenders. Check box the calenders to have the events appear.

Q: I want to report a problem, make a suggestion, or ask a question about the Website.
A: Go to the contact us menu and fill out the contact form. This form goes to the website administrator.

Q: I want a scheduled trip added to the calender. 
A: Use the contact us form with the information and your email to have the event added.

Q: Why do I have to join now even though I am a current member for 2013. 
A: You do not have to renew now to use the new website. There was no good way to transfer current member status to the new site, but your still considered an active member. Rolling out the website at this time takes advantage of the downtime during the paddling season and saves us the cost of renewing the web hosting for the old site for another year.

Q: I miss the "New Posts" button that we had on the old website. 
A: The "Recent Posts" button displays all topics and replies created in the given amount of time it is set to.  Change it to "since last visit" to get all new posts.  New posts will also show up with a green flag in the index and say "(new)".

Q: I have a photo I think would be good on the homepage. 
A: Make sure the photo is 1000x400 pixels before uploaded it into an appropriate category in the media gallery. Only members may upload photos to the website. Use the "Contact Us" form to email me and let me know which photo to add.

Q: I want the newest post to show up at the top of the forums and continue in that order.

A: Click on your username to get to your profile.
Click "Edit" at the top right of your profile info.
Click on "Forum Settings"
Change it to "last post first"

Q: The forum text is cut off and I cant see some of it on my phone. 
A: Double tap the screen.