Meeting Minutes 2010-06-14

GBCC Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2010


Present:  Kara Brown, Art Wolf, Tony Allred, Chip Walsh, Bill Offutt, Marty Levine, John Kemper, Michael Quinn, Marycarol Skaggs


Call to Order:  7:33


Secretary’s Rpt, Marycarol Skaggs:  Approve minutes of 4/2010?  Yes.  MC will post on forum.


Treasurer’s Rpt, Mike Quinn: 

  • Negotiated with ACA $10/member for this past year, but next year will be $15.  Raise the price of roll sessions?  Needs to know by October.  (Pool is $130 for 2 hours.)  Discuss at August Board Meeting.  Bill O. will look into getting another pool.
  • Contributions: 
  1. oJones Falls Release?  May not happen this year.
  2. oWV RiversNo contribution this year
  • General Meetings line item includes food for BOTR
  • Membership number is missing from the report
  • Accept the Treasurer’s Report?  Yes.


Safety Report, Tony Allred:  John G’s class was a success.  There were 29 students.  All paid John directly for the class.  Do we reimburse GBCC members?  Tony will get a list to find out how many of the 29 were our members. 


Membership/Roster:  YTD 201 membership households.  This time last year 204.  Kara will call Angela regarding Roster.


Conservation, Chip Walsh: 

  • Tire Run:  Successful.  Tony made a really bad pun!
  • Pax Trash-out 2:  Scheduled Nov 6.  Chip won’t be able to make it (sadly).  River Keepers will contract the metal cutters, which is where the LLBean grant will go.  There are 6 cars to cut up.
  • LGP Access:  Thurs June 24 Marty, Chip and Steve will do a site tour with Jen from the park to determine what is needed.


Programs, Kara Brown:  Mike Aranoff will be the speaker at the September meeting.  He is an outfitter who runs trips on the middle fork of the Salmon.


Website, Marycarol Skaggs, John Kemper: 

  • CPA just re-did their site last year.  Chip will pave the way for that contact.
  • We own the domain name.  We don’t have anything except Lunar Pages that is tied to Duane.
  • Kathe Flynn offered graphics help.
  • Mtg of Ad-hoc Committee (Tony, Mike, John) on June 23.


Jones Falls Update:  Baltimore County took over Lake Roland.  no dam release in July.  Future releases won’t cost us anything.  Larry Zeaflea represents the Club on the committee.  Slip possibility of a release later in the year.


Tire Run:  Park has been piling up tires we’ve been pulling out for years because they don’t have money to dispose of them properly.  Buddy suggested another ACA grant and/or fundraising.  Buddy is trying to find out cost.  Concern is whether they’ll keep taking tires that we pull out.


General Meetings:  Kara reserved the room for next years meetings (thanks to Art’s wife!).


Beginners Class Next Year: Hire a teacher and support with volunteers?  Home-grow another ACA teacher?  Is it necessary to have an ACA instructor teach the beginners class?  Regardless, a beginner’s class should have two key people:  The teacher and the coordinator.  The coordinator will take care of all the administrative details of the class so that the teacher can just show up and teach it.


Adjourn 9:15