Meeting Minutes 2014-04-14

Baltimore Canoe & Kayak Club


Board Meeting Minutes


Date: April 14, 2014

Current Officers:  Nick Bowley, Steve Baker, John Kemper, Byron Ellis

Current Board: Tony Allred, Lew Glasier, Marty Levine, Peiting Lien, Bill Offut,

Michael Quinn, Kelly Simmons

Present: Nick, John, Eric, Bill, Tony, Lew, Byron, Kelly

On this date a Baltimore Canoe Club Board Meeting was held. The following items were discussed:

Secretary’s Report

Previous minutes reviewed and accepted with minor corrections to board member roster.

Treasurer’s Report

1. Budget was reviewed and accepted.

4. YTD roll session was complete and fees were slightly above average for last 5 years.

5. Club total projected yearly excess/ (deficit) approximately ($363)     

Committee Reports

1. Training Safety – Tony Allred

            a. First aid kit list had been forwarded to Zack for assembly.

            b. Swift water rescue class confirmed for July 19th & 20th.

2. Membership/Roster – John Kemper

            a. Current roster at 124 members.

3. Roll Sessions – Michael Quinn

            a. Completed

4. Conservation – Leonard Huffines

            a. Leonard and Nick applying for ACA grant for river cleanup.

5. Programs – Eric Ruhl

            a. Beginner’s class starting. The calendar was in progress of being posted.

Old Business

  1. 1.12/09/13 LGP visual gauge was procured and Bill, Marty, Lew installation crew.
    1. a.2/10/14 Installation postponed till better weather.
    2. b.4/14/14 Marty had new gauge. The painted gauge had been repainted.
  2. 2.12/9/14 Loaner boat liability discussed.
    1. a.2/10/14 Nick to check with Mike Quinn on liability.
    2. b.4/14/14 Nick to check with Bill Offut if he had liability waivers.
  3. 3.12/9/14 LGP Belair safety sign for bridge discussed/proposed.
    1. a.2/10/14 Bill advised parks OK with sign. No appropriate sign found.
    2. b.4/14/14 No update.
  4. 4.2/10/14 Non-profit tax exempt status for club had expired. John & Eric to investigate.
    1. a.John advised that Mike Quinn was checking into it.
  5. 5.2/10/14 Picnic was tentatively scheduled for July 12th. Club to confirm with Tony.
    1. a.4/14/14 July 14th confirmed for picnic.

F.  New Business

1. 4/14/14 Sponsorship of a club member to become a certified swift water rescue instructor was discussed. Course is 4 day class over 2 weekends. Partial reimbursement of class fees after completion and helping Tony were discussed. Possibly 25 percent to start, 50 percent upon completion and commitment to help Tony. Eric was to look at dates. Board approved with details to be worked out.

2. 4/14/14 Yough first timers camping discussed. The pavilion was not available. Eric had explored multiple possibilities. The park agreed upon was the same as last year but in an overflow area further down the road. The club would need several pop ups. A small generator was proposed. Car parking was further away. The idea was proposed to rent the pavilion next year ahead of time.

3. 4/14/14 the possibility of kayak polo at Daniels Dam was discussed. Board was divided on feasibility and interest.    

Next board meeting is scheduled for 7:00 on June 9, 2014 at Eric’s house.

Future meeting sponsors

August – Lew

October – Peiting

December – Bill (Kinder Park)

The preceding minutes are the author’s interpretation of discussion and events at the noted meeting.

Byron Ellis


Baltimore Canoe & Kayak Club