Meeting Minutes 2017-02-13

Board Meeting began at 7:30pm – 2/13/17


Marty Levine

John Kemper

George Currie

Nick Bowley

Nick Shockney

Jean Blizzard

Ed Blizzard

Bill Offutt

Kelly Simmons

Lew Glaesser

Dave Ferraro, Guest Patapsco Trail Fest

Bruce Propine, Guest Patapsco Trail Fest

Guest Speakers

Dave and Bruce came to talk with us about getting involved in the Patapsco Trail Fest at Patapsco State Park – near Daniel’s Dam. They described what’s involved and we talked about possibilities of BCKC getting involved. The event is September 15-17, 2017. The Rain Date is September 22-24, 2017. It’s open to us to do whatever we want.

Bruce would be our point of contact for helping us to find some conservation work for the club. Bruce said he would certainly be able to help with that and is willing.

Basic discussion between board members ended in a consensus to participate.

Meeting Minutes Review

Nick – did we check the bi-laws to see if we are able to double check that we do not need an Executive Committee.

(JB, 4/1/17, NickB’s response to me by email is below concerning the Executive Committee)


Since the wording below is "may appoint"  I interpret it to not be required to have one.   Sounds like we don’t need one since everyone is so responsive to email for intermediate decisions.  I suggest if there is a decision being made via email with any opposition, non-unanimous, should be held off until an in person discussion at the next meeting.

Other than the executive committee rule shown below there is nothing in the bylaws allowing for votes on decisions between meetings.    Just a technicality. Might be better to just to say everyone on the board is the executive committee until bylaws are amended in the distant future.  

BTW, the bylaws can be found on our website below the "About Us" menu.

Here is what the bylaws say:

Section 1    Executive Committee: The Board of Directors may appoint from among its members an Executive Committee of not less than three members, one of whom shall be the President, who shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors reserves to itself alone the power to (i) recommend to the members any action requiring their approval; (ii) amend the Charter or these Bylaws; (iii) approve the liquidation or dissolution of the Corporation or any merger with or into any other corporation or entity; (iv) change the membership of  any  committee  at  any  time  and  fill  vacancies  thereon;  (v) discharge  any committee either with or without cause at any time; and (vi) take any other action for which the approval of the entire Board of Directors is required by law. Subject to the foregoing limitations, the Executive Committee shall possess and exercise all other powers of the Board of Directors during the intervals between meetings.


December 2016 minutes reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Membership Renewals – John K will create an email to let members know they haven’t yet paid their dues and Jean B will compare the 2016 roster with the 2017 roster and tally those who have not paid and send out the email to those who need to pay for 2017.

Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and approved.

Training & Safety

Andrew Froom – no winter CPR training due to schedule constraints.


2017 – 131 to date

2016 – 268


The programs are published on all media.

Roll Sessions: 92 different people have attended. Through yesterday we’ve taken in $1490 for the pool side of it and $380 in memberships to date. After we pay the ACA we will have around $500-$600 left.

New Business

Eric needs someone to help with the WV weekend planning and the Yough First Timers weekend – as well as someone to take over contacting the trip leads for upcoming trips. Ed B will take on the duty of following up with trip leads and getting their trip descriptions a month ahead and provide the info to Eric who will then post it to FB.

Eric is talking about moving the WV trip to a weekend in May for better rentals. George will take over the research for the WV trip and communicate with Eric. The general discussion was to keep it at Canaan Valley this year – use the big rental cabin/house – and look at going somewhere fresh next year.

George will also take on the research for the Yough Family weekend.

We reviewed the allotment of dollars to Eric for club supplies and for monies to the safety team – and all was clarified.

Sharon Chalmes memorial paddle – we discussed having it at Harper’s Ferry – during the beginner’s first trip to the Doah (June 17th). Jean will take lead on the research and planning and being in contact with Sharon’s family as they want to attend.

Trip Leads: Ed will take ownership of making sure that trip leads take a look at the link on the BCKC website so that they will be properly prepared.

Conservation: John will get a hold of Bryan Stewart.

Equipment Loan Liability Waiver – Eric – still needs to be done.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:54pm