Meeting Minutes 2017-04-17

BCKC Board Meeting – Nick Shockney’s Home – 4/17/17

I forgot to record attendees in April – sorry!

Meeting opened at 7:30pm

Motion passed to accept the meeting minutes from the February meeting.

Treasurer Report

NickB could not provide

Training/Safety Report

June 17/18 first class – will cover knots and other advanced items.


WV trip was profitable.

Pool sessions were very successful - $2364 pool session fee + $500 memberships – there were 141 different people at the pool (41% increase in attendance over last year)

Beginner’s program starts this weekend. Sat at Daniel’s dam and Sun at Carderock.

Motion was passed to allow needed spending to cover pizza at the beginner’s social on Sun 4/23/17. Board members at the meeting will manage the ordering so as not to overrun spending.

Eric reviewed the calendar for the beginners’ program.

Motion passed to charge $5 a boat for scheduled trips after the first beginner’s weekend - as a maintenance fee to cover screws, outfitting, repairs, permit fees, etc.

NickS is going to inquire about permits required for launch use in PA.

Yough Family weekend – this will probably be the last year for steaks from Eric’s friend John as he’s moving on in career from the restaurant. We will up the fee from $30 to $35. We have the full camping area this year – from pond to pavilion.

George will look into permit issues – boat vs duckies, etc.

New Business

Pool sessions – they were overcrowded

Lew is going to look into using the Hopkins pool. Eric will inquire different gyms for use of their pools.

Pool Safety – a bigger pool is the ultimate solution – but if we stay at Goucher, we need to institute some safety rules.

Memorial paddle for Sharon Chalmes – Eric will contact the Antietam paddle club to do the paddle there on the Memorial Day Weekend Sunday.


Club Gear Transportation

Discussion about using a trailer for transportation for pool sessions and keeping the boats loaded on the trailer at someone’s home – this discussion is tabled for later till after we evaluate the pool rental situation for next year’s pool session.

Review of Action Items

Conservation Project

-Bryan Stewart is leaving the area next year so we need someone to fill in. There are some people Eric will ask after the Yough weekend.

-Friends of the Patapsco Trailfest 9/16 – 9/17 – we need to find a point of contact.

-We will no longer be a part of the Baltimore Harbor Flotilla.

Liability Waiver

BillO will send a sample waiver to GeorgeC. GeorgeC and AndrewR will work on drafting it together and will email to the board.

Motion passed that we adjourn at 8:55pm.