Meeting Minutes 2017-10-09

BCKC b Meeting Notes – 10/9/17 – meeting began



SteveB, Byron, GeorgeC, NickB, LewG, BillO, KellyM, JeanB, EdB, KellyS, AndrewR, JohnK, MartyL, AndrewF, NickS

Committee reports:

Training Safety:

Andrew F – supplies are ok for now. If more beaners, etc. are needed, Andrew should contact NickB who has insight on lower pricing.

Kelly M – we should charge “material usage costs” to students to make sure they show up.

Andrew R – we need to be sure to correctly state what the charge is for as we will lose our ACA liability – we cannot make money off the classes. Andrew will check on the legality before we make the decision and we will discuss at the next meeting.

Andrew R – can we do another CPR class – Andrew F said yes if we need one.


Nick B – we are currently at 297

Nick S – Beginner sessions: we had 12-15 new beginners and many more support boaters than beginners.


John K – Fall Colors Trip to Yough 10/29/17 – Christmas Party is Dec 2, 2017 – Knight of Columbus, Catonsville 7pm – 11pm.

Old Business:

Friends of the Patapsco Overview - Guest: Bruce Clopein

Bruce gave an overview of his organization and of the success of the Patapsco Trail Fest and offered their thanks to our club for our participation.

NickB says the interest was great – we had several hits outside of club members on FB and about 50 shares. There were about 6 BCKC helpers at the booth. Nick feels that we should participate again next year.

Bruce says that Bloede’s Dam is due to be complete around spring of 2019.

Great Falls festival review

Rich, Cait, Beth & Ray – they attended and it went well.

New Business:

Kayak Storage:

AndrewF offered he would put up a shed in his yard.

Discussion about how many boats we should have – it was agreed that we are ok where we are.

We discussed the possibility of using a trailer (open landscape and/or enclosed) and park at Perry’s house (2 miles from Goucher) and rely on those in club with a vehicle that could tow it for roll sessions. Obviously, we have to run this by Perry first.

Pool Sessions:

We agreed that Goucher will be used this year. Discussion about how to handle crowds. John will put together a handout to give out during sign in at the pool sessions to cover rules about use of the pool and that priority goes to the beginners. The deep end will have to be policed for getting too crowded.

Club Mission:

Is it promoting new people to the sport? Is it advancing people to advanced skills? Is it focusing on safety? Our strength is in beginners (KellyS). We are good at teaching (GeorgeC).

New Business:

NickB made a new banner for use at booths.

Beginner Sessions:

LewG - We need to have an A & B group that last 6 weeks. Both groups do the same things but are ran by individual leaders.

AndrewR – asked are we primarily a white water club? The resounding response was yes. When we have interested members for flat water we can refer them to other clubs.

NickB – read the 1976 mission statement (from our website – “About Us”). We pretty much agreed that is still our mission.

Andrew F is a board member (but not a voting member) until we can vote him in at the December meeting.

Christmas Party:

Motion for money for gifts for the Christmas Party – SteveB made motion for AndrewR to get $300 with an option to add an additional $100 if needed – and Kara Brown to get $350 for gifts for the party as well. Motion was passed.

Motion for only 2 raffle tickets per household was raised by AndrewR, 2nd by Ed Blizzard, motion was passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

NickB will update the report for next meeting to include the WV and LY weekends.

NickB will check on limitations on how much money we can have in the bank as a non-profit.