Meeting Minutes 2017-08-14

BCKC Board Meeting – 8-14-17

Attendees: JeanB, MartyL, AndrewF, BillO, SteveB, EricR, JohnK

Treasurer’s Report:

There are some items missing: Yough PicNic & the summer picnic figures aren’t correct

We have $18k in the bank


Eric purchased a kid size boat (tweener) and a skirt.

Discussion about purchasing more boats and where to store them. AndrewF would consider storing them at his house. There was discussion about buying a trailer for storage and movement – or – buy a shed for Andrew to setup. Discussion about a car port with a trailer under it.

Safety Classes: (AndrewF)

Safety gear: All ropes were used during class and would like to order additional ropes. We need some additional webbing. AndrewF suggest he could use another $500 for safety supplies.

Discussion about whether or not to charge for the safety classes – also how to better market them. We could market primarily to the club and discount it for members. Eric suggests he could put it on other paddling sites that aren’t really clubs.


Currently 270

Beginner Program (Eric)

We may be able to get temporary use for parking at Daniel’s damn through a connection with the Patapsco Trail Fest group (our new friends).

Parking: Marty has a connection to get parking for the beginner’s program weekend a few hundred feet down the road. Sep 9th.

Great Falls Festival

We will have a table there – Rich Coley is leading it – Ray Stalcup & Cait Madera will attend and man the booth.

Where to spend $$

We need a new club banner for using at exhibits.

Eric needs a budget for the 2017 Christmas Party

New Business

Create an outline for Beginner classes to have some consistency in how the classes are actually run.


Nick Bowley is handling

Club Mission

Needs further discussion - Next meeting at Marty’s – 10/9/17 - Meeting adjourned at 9pm