Meeting Minutes 2010-10-18

Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2010


Present:  Kara Brown, Michael Quinn, Chip Walsh, Bill Offutt, John Kemper, John Martin, Steve Forian, Marycarol Skaggs


Call to Order:  7:40 PM


Secretary’s Report, Marycarol:  Bill Offutt presented August Minutes, which were approved


Treasurer’s Report,  Michael Quinn:  Presented to Board and approved.

            1st 2011 Member registered already.

            2010 will be a break-even year

            Mike will present 2011 projection at Feb meeting

ACA Intro fee for member raised in 2010 to $15.  It was decided to keep roll sessions at $5/person, $10 at first roll session to offset that bump.  The Club will subsidize the additional $5.  Regarding family members:  It was decided that families of 3 or more will pay $30 for the whole family’s ACA membership, and the Club will subsidize $10. 


Beginner’s Class:  John Martin and Bill Offutt have volunteered.


Conservation, Chip Walsh:         Next Saturday (Oct 25) they will be trimming bushes at Jones Road take-out.  Any chainsaw work needs to be done by park personnel.  Next April they will build the trail.  Mike will forward old invoice for gravel to Chip.


Pax clean-out:  Nov. 6.  River Keepers are supposed to be taking care of cutting cars up.  Chip is in touch with CORE (off-road club) to go out and survey the site.  Can Marty get a crane down there?  Chip will talk with CORE about that.


Program Ideas, Kara:  Panel discussion on expedition; Panel discussion on Waterkeepers.  Trip Coordinating.  First Aid.


Website, Mike:    AMember+ is being under utilized.  Can use it for email mailings, to generate labels for paper mailings.  Need to maintain the database.  Mike is checking out if our current database corresponds to that one.  What to do about content management?  Plenty other free software available.  PHP website and Lunar Pages both offer free software.


Executive Committee:  Should be President and two other members, who can act between meetings.  The other two members should not be the other officers.  Exec Cte for 2010 will be Kara Brown, John Kemper and Bill Offutt.


Nominating Committee:  Chip Walsh. 


BOTR:  Ask Paul Puckett for video?


Christmas Party:  Kara will shop for door prizes, budget of $200-$250.


Website:  Now is when we pay for the website.  Mike is going to call Lunar Pages to ask about disentangling ourselves from Duane’s sites.  Mike will update our domain name.


Adjourn:  9:36




Action Items:


            MC look into Notre Dame Prep to rent pool for roll sessions

            Chip talk to CORE about getting Marty’s crane to the Pax site

            Mike forward old invoice for gravel to Chip so he can know how much we spent

            John send Mike info about Lunar Pages and PHP

            Mike will pay for the website, and update domain