Meeting Minutes 2010-12-13

Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

Board Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2010


Present:  Kara Brown, Nick Bowley, Michael Quinn, Tony Allred, John Kemper, Steve Forian, Steve Baker, Steve Wilson, Marycarol Skaggs


Call to Order:  7:29 PM


Explanation of General and Board Meetings, Kara:

            Snacks schedule (programs) General Mtgs:

                        Jan 19, Marycarol (Arctic expedition); March 16, John K (__________); May 11, Steve B (Beginners Orientation--who??); July, Picnic; Sep 14, Nick (Grand Canyon--Steve B); Nov 16, Kara (BOTR)


            Snacks/Host schedule for Board meetings:  Feb 7, Bill (?); April 11, Angela; June 13, Steve F; Aug 8, Mike; Oct 10, John K, Dec 12, Kara


Secretary’s Report, Marycarol:  Did NOT bring October minutes.  It was decided to forward them to the Board via email, and vote to approve via email.


Treasurer’s Report,  Michael Quinn:  2010 Break-even year.  Projected budget for 2011 to come at Feb meeting.  Have about $230 left over from grant, and we will use it for future conservation projects, like the Jones Road take-out.  Deferred Dues Revenue line item indicates we are a bit behind on memberships in comparison with previous years at this time.  Treasurer’s report presented to the board and accepted.


Safety, Tony:           Fun with Ropes class with Charlie will be Jan 9.  Summer class:  thinks John G. will run class per usual.  Tony will not offer the August class due to dwindling class size.  We need to be clear about what we will pay for regarding the joint clubs class (John G’s class).  We should not be paying class fee for members, but maybe pay for equipment.


Membership, Angela:        John needs new spreadsheet at beginning of each odd month for the newsletter.  Oct 1 is cut-off for 2011 membership year.  John, Mike and Angela will work on getting roster onto AMember.  Security concerns?  Publish it as a .pdf so it can’t be harvested, and let it be viewable only by club members.


Website, Mike:    Exponential increase in spammer attempts noted.  Mike requested that the Board email him between now and next board meeting with our website wish list, including what we see are issues or concerns.  Look at other sites and forward links to Mike.  Mike indicated that his email for club business should be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and anyone else wanting a GBCC address can have one, just ask him. 


Roll Sessions, Mike:          Info has been posted on the forum.


Conservation, Kara for Chip Walsh:     Jones Rd. Take-out:  Chip, Tony & Leonard met with Park on Sat.  Trail has widened.  Existing lumber will be removed from hill and reconfigured to form 5 long waterbars.  Existing gravel will also be reused.  Any equipment used must be provided and operated by park personnel.  This work targeted for March.


            A more detailed report was made available to Board members.


Christmas Party:  2011 party at Knights of Columbus again?  Yes.


2011 Classes:


            Beginner’s Class:  Steve Baker volunteered to coordinate.  John Martin and Bill Offutt had also volunteered. Need ACA insurance.

            John G’s Safety Class:  Tony will confirm date.

            John Kemper will do Anglers “workouts” again, as that was very successful.


Executive Committee:  Exec Cte for 2011 will be Kara Brown, John Kemper and Bill Offutt.


Program Ideas, Kara:  Steve B will do Sept meeting about his Grand Canyon trip in March.

            Other ideas:  Intro to Paddling (March).  First Aid/Safety, Trip Coordination, CPR Class?  Check with American Heart Association.  American Whitewater--Kara will contact. 


Adjourn:  9:30




Action Items:


            Tony:  Check with Bill about hosting Feb meeting

            Angela will give updated roster spreadsheet to John at beginning of each odd month

            John, Mike and Angela will work on getting roster onto AMember

            ALL:  Email Mike with website wish list

            Tony:  Confirm dates of John G’s safety class

            Kara:  Contact American Whitewater and invite them for a General Meeting

            Steve F:  Contact Friends of the Cheat to invite them for a General Meeting