Meeting Minutes 2011-08-08

GBCC Board Meeting

8 Aug 2011

Attending: Nick Bowley, Bill Offet, Michael Quinn, Marty Levine, Chip Walsh, John Kemper, Steve Forian, Tony Aldred, Steve Wilcox, Art Wolf? John Martin?

Nick called the meeting to order at 7:33.

Minutes of the prior board meeting were approved with a modification to language describing the drop in paid memberships.

Michael Quinn presented the Treasurer’s report and it was approved as presented.

Tony Allred reported that all was in readiness for the Safety Class to be held 13-14 August in Confluence, Pa., on Ramcat Rapid.

Chip Walsh reported the Clubs planned improvement project at the Gunpowder’s Jones Road take-out was approved by Maryland MDE and the project is scheduled for September 24.  It was suggested Chip check with the Park to see if they have contacts for local scout groups, then contact scout groups to solicit volunteers.  Chip will look into this.  Arrangements for donation of Gabion Stone from Lafarge are in doubt because personnel at Lafarge have changed—Chip to work this.  Steve Forian will look into possibility of receiving favorable rates for trucking the stone.

Michael and Nick reported the website refresh is progressing and they are leaning towards the use of Jumba.  An individual named Garth may be hired to provide “capture” technology for alleviating the plague of false registration requests. 

John Kemper reported on the club schedule.  Bill O. volunteered to lead a Gauley trip in September.  It was suggested we could use trips that less advanced paddlers can take.  Chip and other people said they would try to get something on the schedule.

New Business:

The board discussed the fund raising announcement received from Blue Waters Baltimore.  Last year, the club made a donation and two members attended.  The date is 24 Sep, conflicting with the Jones Road project.  The board approved a motion to send $100 donation to Blue Waters, unrelated to the fund raising event.  Blue Waters has also requested a cross linking of web sites.  Michael said he could make this happen, and was also requested to eliminate the dead link to “rapids of the upper Gauley”

Action items:

Nick will report to Kara on Blue Water

Chip and Steve will carry out planning activity related to the Jones Road project.

Michael will amend the web-site links.

Somebody will talk to Garth about capture

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 and all moved to the driveway for a truck rodeo.