Meeting Minutes 2011-12-12

                                                                                                                                                                   Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

Board Meeting Minutes

                                                                                                                                                                                     December 12 2011



Nick Bowley, Mike Quinn, John Kemper, Steve Forian, Marty Levine, Steve Baker, Bill Offutt, Pei Ting, Tony Allred, Kara Brown, Jack Dettner


Call to Order: 

7:40 PM


Secretary’s Report, Steve: 

Did not have last meetings minutes.  Steve will email minutes to members for email approval.


Treasurer’s Report, Mike: 

went over clean up and community service expenses, need updated amount from Chip for the Lower Gun Powder trail.  Also need from Angela amount

            for 2011 roster, Kara to contact Angela for amount.  Estimated Net worth for end of 2011 looking to be around $10,000.


Safety, Tony: 

No Dates set as of today for 2013 season.  Fun with Ropes Jan 17th held at Kinder Park with Tony, Ron Ray, and Charlie as teachers.


Roll Sessions, Mike: 

Pricing still not set but sessions to begin on Jan 8th with Mike, Larry, and Steve at the registration desk and John instructing in pool.


Conservation, Chip Walsh: 

            Chip not present but there is a lot of work left to be done.  Need to set up additional work weekend with park service with confirmation of equipment being there.


Program, Kara: 

            General Meetings;

            May- start of beginners class Steve Baker

            July- Picnic at state park location same as last year 14th of July Tony A.

            November- Best of the Rest, location and date to follow.

            December- Christmas party same location as past years on 1st of December Kara.

            Board Meetings;

            February- Bill O. Kinder Park

            April- Pei Ting

            June-Steve F

            August- Kara B

            October- Nick B

            December- Steve F


Website, Mike:

Mike and Nick are working on getting presentation for February meeting and board approval



Schedule, Nick:

            Tony and Nick to find list of releases for 2013.  Received a good response on the number of people willing to lead trips for next year, Nick will be following up with them to nail down dates.



            John to contact Angela and get spread sheet of members to update during the roll sessions and return to Angela to put together rooster.


New Business: 

            Update club name.  Nick will post a poll on website with suggestions of club name update so we can be found easier on the web to compete with the new number of meet up clubs

            New Executive Committee- Nick B, Bill O, and Tony A.  Approved.

            Change log in on website for people that have not renewed to visiting guest status.  Nick to implement after roll sessions.

            Jack Dettner brought up concern about the decline in membership and is willing to call people that used to belong to the club and did not renew in 2011.  Board welcomed his help with Steve F suggesting that a membership committee be formed to not only manage the membership rooster but also market the club as well.

            Tony Suggested free roll session for park ranger that assisted us on trail maintenance board made and approved of offer of one year membership to GBCC



Adjourn:  9:30




Action Items:


            Steve F- Email last board meeting minutes for board approval

            Nick B- Webb presentation for February meeting, list of 2013 releases, post poll on website

            Mike Q- Webb presentation for February meeting

            John K- Contact Angela to get spread sheet of members

            Tony- List of 2013 releases

            Kara- Contact Angela for amount of $$ for 2011 rooster