Meeting Minutes 2013-10-14

Attendees – Nick Bowley, Steve Baker, John Kemper, Bill Offutt, Marty Levine, Peiting Lien, Byron Ellis, Lew Glaeser

Call to Order – 7:37pm

Treasurer’s report – Currently forecasted to be in the black for the year, additional expenses to be discussed.  Report accepted as is.

Discussion regarding reimbursement for past mailings.  Motion was made to reimburse $300 per year up to two years pending John Kemper’s review of past financial records

Training and Safety – a date was provided for 2014 SWR from Tony, Charlie Duffy to request a joint club activity for “Fun with Ropes” for January in 2014.  A SWR Training class is being offered by Charlie for May 31st, June 1st, June 8th, June 9th.

Roll Sessions – Jan 11th every Sunday except Sunday.  8 total weeks. $10 for first 3 sessions if a member and $5 after that.    Non-Member’s additional cost

Conservation – Donations of $150 proposed for Blue Water Baltimore, Friends of the Cheat, West Virginia River Coalition, and the Upper Yough Take Out.  Donations approved for 2013

Programs – 2014 calendar will be available at the Holiday party.  Still looking for Trip Leads for Class I/II moving water… Trying to look for leads that can help out for 1-2 trips during the year

Board Membership – Looking for a new Secretary and Conservation chair.  Reach out to potential members

December 9th – Board Meeting at Eric Ruhl’s house

LGP Gauge – Bill has been in contact with park and State Highway; Lew, Eric, Bill, Marty and John will work to put the gauge on the bridge so it is visible from the shoreline, but there is also the ability to view it from the water.