Meeting Minutes 2013-08-12

Board Meeting Minutes – August 12th

Meeting Call to Order – 7:30 by Nick Bowley

Treasurer’s report – Currently forecasting a profit for 2013 raising the networth to approx. $13k.  Treasurer’s report approved unanimously.

Training and Safety – SWR is Aug 17th and 18th.  This is a multi-club activity and there is a good variety of attendees. 

Membership/Roster – 135 current members, last year was 142 at this time.

Conservation – Nick to discuss with Rich regarding some ideas on the Patapsco Dam removal. 

Programs – Tony potential for Dry fork of Cheat…Gauley Potential 14th/15th

Website Stuff – Nothing

New Business – Discussion around how to get new members and retain:

Beginner program – additional gear, purchasing helmet/lifejacket

Safety – PSA getting a sign for the Gunpowder, working with the park service to get information out.  Potentially set up informational sessions. Connect with the area council roundtable for committee chairs.

Bill O – to contact Park service about potential signs and setting up informational sessions. Tony would be willing to do the presentations.

Eric – to talk with Dad regarding potential reaching out to scouts regarding merit badge

First Aid Kit – Get information from Byron and send to Zach what is needed

Gauge - Bill O – To identify gauge for LGP and install

Logo Contest – Show and decide at the Holiday party