Meeting Minutes 2014-10-13




Board Meeting Agenda


Meeting Date:  October 13, 2014


In attendance:  Nick, Steve B, John, Tony, Bill, Marty, Pei Ting, Lewis, Eric 


Secretary’s Report: Minutes were approved with minor corrections to be picked up.  Marty did attend the June meeting and correct spelling of Bill Offutt.


Treasurer's report:   The treasurer’s report was approved as presented.  American Whitewater mistake has been rectified and dues were paid for last year and this year.  ACA to be paid before November due date.


Training Safety:        Tony held the SWR training course with the BCKC and MCC on the Potomac.  Tony is SWR L4 certified.   Tony and Lew both received their Kayak Instructor L3 certifications.   They were encourage to be partially reimbursed for their certifications as discuss in previous meetings but both declined reimbursement. 


Membership/Roster: 196 members in 2014 compared to 145 members in 2013. Members who joined after September 10th will be rolled over to the 2015 roster. 


Roll Sessions: Cost will likely remain the same.  We need to reach out to Mike Quinn to confirm the pool reservation and dates.   A board member should take the attendance records, member applications, and monies after roll sessions.  Monies and membership apps should be forwarded to treasurer for records.  Eric to create attendance chart for records auditing to how much each person paid, not just attended.  


Programs: Eric summarized a successful and active year.  A big shout out to Steve Conrad for being a big help and leading so many trips.   Holiday party on December 6th.  Nick to reach out to Kara regarding xmas gifts for this year.  Tohickon is questionable.  Outfitting party similar to last year at Nick’s house in November, date TBD.  It was voted to budget $150 for Kara to spend and $50 for Eric on door prizes.  Fall colors is the next large scheduled outing. 


New Business

Existing board and officers:   John Kemper offered to step up to be President.   John suggested Jean as a prospective board member and possible treasurer.  John to confirm her interest and availability.   Nick B volunteered as a backup treasurer if another replacement could not be found.   All other board officers expressed an interest to continue their positions as they exist. New board and officers will be voted in on December 6th at the Holiday party/General Meeting.   We are looking for someone to assist Eric as schedule chair.  


501c3:  Status was lost as an oversight.  It was decided to make our best attempts at filing for it to be reinstated. Original cost estimate was $450 to correct, maybe $100.


Gauley Paddles Reimbursement: It was voted to purchase and reimburse $200 in kayak paddle purchases for loaner gear.  There have been a shortage off extra paddles available resulting in new people/prospective struggling to use 90 degree paddles.


CPR: Bill to reach out to Fire Department about hosting a certified CPR/First aide course for the club at Kinder Farm Park.  Club to sponsor cost and food.   At the same time reach out to them about first air kit assistance, suggestions. 


Wilderness First Aid: Eric to look into informal wilderness first aid class.  Certified first aid cost are about $800 per person which seems prohibitive to the club and individuals to cover.

Loaner Gear: Eric is to look into discounted new boats with warranty.   Loaner boats are so old and damaged that they do no hold up and may be unsafe.   Eric to gather pricing on possible boat and spray skirt purchases on the near future.  


We would like to do more to invest in club activities that benefit as many members as possibly.  Such as sponsoring food at general meetings/socials as has been done in past years.  Also food at clinics and classes to promote attendance at skills classes and welcome beginners.   As members come up with suggestion, present for approval at board meetings or via email if time is an issue.


Website:   Maintain existing website URL since metadata has populated nicely in searches and not create confusion.   Let and expire.  Nick to make updates and discuss other ideas with John during the winter downtime.


Promotion & Graphics – Stickers, Shirts, etc…  Nick and Eric to work together to put together some items using existing logos.  Post on website and facebook to find a volunteer to generate better graphics.  Eric to look into pricing bulk discount shirts for easy and cheaper distribution.  Nick to expant cafepress store for people to purchase items on their own.


Donations: AW  and ACA are not donation but  dues as per our donation policy.   A vote was made to donate $150 to Blue Water Baltimore for this local environmental conservation efforts and West Virginia Rivers Coalition.  Eric to reach out to Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival and Friends of the Cheat to see if they will reciprocate a donation without logo on the event shirt, as part of our donation policy of getting bang for the buck and diversifying our conservation effort of donations


Next Meeting Bill Offutt to host December 8th meeting at Kinder Farm Park facilities.