Meeting Minutes 2014-12-08




Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date:  December 8, 2014


In attendance:  Nick, John, Lewis, Marty, Bill, Byron 


Secretary’s Report: Minutes were approved.


Treasurer's report: The treasurer’s report was approved as presented. 


Training Safety: No updates


Membership/Roster: 196 members in 2014, this was paying members and would be slightly higher including multiple family members. 2012 there were 85 members so enrollment was on the incline. Streamlined online enrollment on the club website was reviewed. 


Roll Sessions: Pool reservation, dates and cost (same as last year) were confirmed.  John Kemper volunteered to take the attendance records, member applications, and monies after roll sessions.  Monies and membership apps should be forwarded to treasurer for records. Costs for members and none members were posted on the club web site.  Eric to create attendance chart for records auditing to how much each person paid, not just attended.  


Programs: 2014 was a very successful year in large part to Eric’s efforts. Upcoming events were Roll Sessions and the New Year Paddle. Also the Trip Lead Meeting/Social to facilitate planning the 2015 club events. 


Board and Officers:   John Kemper was voted in as president and Nick Bowles as treasurer at the Club Christmas Party. Ed and Jean Blizzard were also voted in as new board members. All other board members retained their positions. We are looking for someone to assist Eric as schedule chair.  


501c3:  Nick had filled out the paper work to re-acquire tax exempt club status and would forward for Eric’s review.


CPR: Bill to reach out to Fire Department about hosting a certified CPR/First aide course for the club at Kinder Farm Park.  Club to sponsor cost and food.   

Loaner Gear: The club got a good deal on (6) new kayaks for loaner gear and they would be stored at Eric’s house for the time being. General rules for use were discussed and possibly formalized at the next meeting. Proposed rules were users had to be club members. Experienced club members could demo a club kayak but limited to twice a year. Beginners could use at the beginners program but would have to purchase their own afterwards.


Club Sponsored Activities: We would like to do more to invest in club activities that benefit as many members as possibly.  Such as sponsoring food at general meetings/socials as has been done in past years.  Also food at clinics and classes to promote attendance at skills classes and welcome beginners.   As members come up with suggestion, present for approval at board meetings or via email if time is an issue.


Website: Nick provided a briefing on many of the new features on the club website such as direct links to NOAA and AW for many of the local rivers.


Promotion & Graphics – The club website now offered the ability for club members to purchase BCKC club themed T shirts, business cards, license plate holders, stickers and magnetic stickers.


Donations: Eric to reach out to Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival and Friends of the Cheat to see if they will reciprocate a donation with a logo on the event shirt, as part of our donation policy of getting bang for the buck and diversifying our conservation effort of donations. It appeared that none of the checks had been cashed for 2013 donations, possible mailing error. AW and ACA dues were paid for 2013 and 2014. It was voted to pay the intended $150 2013 donation and the 2014 donation of $150 to West Virginia Rivers Coalition and Blue Water Baltimore. Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival and Friends of the Cheat pending Eric’s phone call.


LGP Visual Gauge – was installed but was ineffective, hard to see.


New Business

Boy Scouts of America: BSA had reached out to the club to possibly help with BSA events, kayaking and white water merit badges. Eric to contact and try to determine their expectations and needs, if BCKC could help and benefits to BCKC (possible membership growth). For liability reasons it would have to be a BSA event.


2015 Board Meetings: Meeting held the first Monday every other month. It was voted to reimburse members hosting a meeting up to $35 for refreshments.


Dates and some locations as follows;

February 9th – John Kemper

April 13th

June 8th

August 10th – Eric Ruhl

October 12th

December 18th – Bill Offutt