Meeting Minutes 2017-06-12

BCKC Board Meeting Notes 6/12/17

Attendees: Jean & Ed Blizzard, Steve Baker, Kelly Simmons, Nick Bowley, Andrew R., Chris Moise, Kelly McCabe, Bill O., Nick S., Byron, Lew, John K., George, Eric, Ryan, Eric

Treasurer’s Report:

Read and motioned approved to accept.

April 2017 Minutes Read:

Motioned approved to accept.

Safety Equipment:

Notes from Andrew Froom’s email - We purchased approximately $120 so far in hardware and software and I need to order approximately $300-$400 more to complete our basic starter pack for teaching classes. I obtained 5 throw bags that we retired from work and Kelly has some gear as well. We have 11-12 people signed up for this weekend’s class and are working on determining a date for an intro class this summer. 

Andrew R. – need more equipment funds – we need webbing (spool for future use) – we need rope (spool) – maybe an additional $500. We will know better what future needs we’ll have after the upcoming rescue class.

Eric R. – suggests we offer the needed equipment to those who don’t want to bring it themselves and charge them an extra $5 or so and they can take it home. Suggests that if we allow students to take home supplies then we provide them with a paper that shows the knots, etc. and put a disclaimer on it to release the club from liability. Use these at your own risk, etc. Suggests asking Earth Trek’s or REI to donate it for their cost and they can write off the full value for taxes.

Membership Report:

We are ahead of where we were last year by about 20.

Programs (Eric R):

Lower Yough Trip: low turnout for the trip (70-71) – mostly families. With extra $5 charging for permits – we are a little behind on dollars. Most of the kids are above 10 years old. We have the whole area this year including the pavilions.

We have a sizable group doing the Middle Yough – Eric will ask a friend to lead it.

Beginners Program: there are only a few borrowing paddles and skirts. Presuming most beginners have now bought their own equipment.

Eric R. – we need to discuss the purpose of the beginners program.

  • Need to discuss how to proceed with the beginner’s program.
  • What is the mission of the club?

Nick S. – suggests that we should encourage those who want to be support boaters and have a support teaching session for them during the fall beginners classes.

We each need to recruit from the beginner pool to get them to help instruct and lead trips.

Pool Rental (Lew):

Hopkins would work out well – parking is great and very close to the pool entrance - have to wait and see if they can get a wheel and new lanes – if they do, we can rent from them – if not we can’t.

Rental Equipment:

Liability discussion tabled to another meeting.

Patapsco Trail Fest:

Nick B. will handle the planning.

PA Permits for Club Boats:

Nick S. – hasn’t been able to get to the right person. He will continue to work on it.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm