Meeting Minutes 2012-10-15

Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2012

Present: Nick Bowley, John Kempr, Marty Levine, Chip Walsh, Pei Ting Lien, Kara Brown, Bill Offut, Tony Allred

Call to order at 7:30.

Secretary’s Report: August meeting minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: John noted that the end-of-year balance likely would end in a positive variance as shown on the presented balance sheet. The variance is due to greater-than-projected revenue from the roll sessions. Report accepted as presented.

Membership: Some confusion over who is heading up membership. Apparently, it was communicated to Angela that she no longer will be the membership chairperson. Nick will contact Angela to clarify.

Safety: Tony reported the August safety class was completed as planned.

Conservation: Chip reported that Leonard’s Gunpowder Tire Clean-up was successful and resulted in positive publicity for the Club. Kara was instrumental in getting the results of the event published in The Baltimore Sun. Chip presented a letter Blue Water Baltimore is proposing regarding the Baltimore Harbor Trash Cleanup Plan. The Board authorized Chip to adapt the letter for GBCC and submit it to MDE.

Program: The Club Christmas party is scheduled for Dec. 1. The club has already paid the deposit to reserve the hall in Catonsville. Kara will take charge of the door prizes. The board approved $250 for purchasing door prizes. John will take charge of the Dubious Distinction awards.

Roll Sessions: The board approved retention of the same rate structure and arrangements as were in place for the 2011-2012 sessions. There was agreement that the Club will try to get volunteers to bring video equipment to roll sessions so that video feedback can be provided to participants as an aid in learning.

Website Stuff: In Michael’s absence, the board is uncertain where we stand with revising the website. The site crashed over the summer, but John and Tony were able to restore it. Nick will follow-up with Michael to determine status.

Schedule: We are heading into the winter and there is not a lot of activity at present. Nick will talk to Eric about heading up the schedule for 2013.

New Business:

A. Clymb – all approved the concept of setting up an account for the club at Clymb, posting the link on the website in "Vendors" so that the club will receive referral dollar credits for any purchase made through the link.   The thought is the Club can accumulate the credits for use towards purchase of loaner equipment for the Club.

B. Board membership for 2013. All except Kara indicated willingness to return to the board. Nick will talk to Byron, Eric, and Chris Gillis to see if they might be willing to join.

C. The general meeting is being combined with the Christmas Party and vote on board members will occur there. Also, we need to vote to approve the Club’s name change.

D. There is a new chapter of Team River Runner based at Fort Meade. Bill will send info to Nick. Nick will post and encourage interested parties to directly contact Team River Runner

Follow-up on Action Items:

Regarding contacting former members to solicit rejoining the club, John will send a list of discontinuing members to Nick. Bill will send a copy of letter used by the club in Cleveland. Nick will synthesize letter, list and generate an email.