Meeting Minutes 2012-12-10

Baltimore Canoe And Kayak Club

Board Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2012

Present:  Byron Ellis, Tony Allred, Marty Levine, Chip Walsh, Eric Ruhl, Bill Offutt, Nick Bowley

Call to Order: Called to order at 7:33pm

Secretary’s Report:  October meeting minutes approved as written

Treasurer’s Report:  John Kemper will email out the annual 2012 treasurer’s report including 2012 budget; request is made to get a copy of the 2013 budget.


Membership:  John and Chip discussed regarding membership.  Chip will be looking at old rosters and comparing to the new rosters and begin calling members that have not renewed to gain better understanding of why they are no longer in the club to see if there are better ways we can service paddlers in the greater Baltimore area

Safety: Tony will be assisting Charlie Duffy with the “Fun with Ropes” session on January 6th as posted on the website.

Conservation: Chip attended the Gunpowder River volunteer breakfast and met the volunteer coordinator.  They are looking for information on Gunpowder strainer’s for potential park clearing.  Research will be completed to see how the club can team with other organizations, like “Blue Water Baltimore”, Boy Scouts, etc.

A letter was sent on behalf of the club to the Governor regarding the fracking of natural gas on the Susquehanna River.  Review of the information for potential letters to the American Whitewater and Sus’Q river keeper.

Program:  Nick is going to put a date out there for a season kick-off party at his house and have a Best of the Rest. Potential for outfitting clinic, gear swap

Website Stuff:  no discussion


Trip/Activity Schedule:   Eric presented a calendar of full-year paddling activities for the club.  He will begin to identify trip leads for these dates and modify the calendar as necessary.  

Tentative dates for the beginner’s group sessions were included, and Eric will work with Steve Baker to confirm the dates and discuss the beginner’s advancement program that was requested on the message board.

A goal will be to provide a copy of this calendar at roll sessions, so that members will have the ability to see and plan for their year.  Discussions also occurred about having club socials once per month.  These will take place at an area restaurant (or if someone volunteers their home) and will allow people of the club an opportunity to get together for socializing. 

                During an upcoming email to the club membership, we are going to try and develop an email network of paddlers that are interested in various class trips.  This will allow individuals to email a distribution listing if they are looking to paddle over a given weekend and looking to reach out of their normal network to find people to make the trip.

                The tentative schedule will be attached with the minutes

New Business:

2013 Schedule & Events

                Email Newsletters, Roster, Reminders, etc

                Current roster – Shareable as needed

Action items:

                Member Coordinator

                XMAS Party - Nick will confirm the holiday party reservation with John for next year

                New Board Elected

                Club name officially changed – Baltimore Canoe and Kayak Club

                Clymb Account - Eric will work on sign-ups for the Clymb and Leftlane Sports

                Team River Runner - info posted

Email for membership renewal and upcoming roll sessions – An email will be compiled of general information and then distributed so as to not inundate members

General Discussion - 

Bill Offutt to gather a template of a club letter to Nick to use as an email reminder for renewal of memberships

Eric to identify press release information for events for the North County News and send a copy to Chip for the ****** (Annapolis paper)

Tony will have Bloomington release dates

Closing – 8:37pm adjournment