Meeting Minutes 2012-04-09

Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

Board Meeting Minutes

April 9th 2012



Nick Bowley, John Kemper, Steve Forian, Marty Levine, Steve Baker, Bill Offutt, , Tony Allred, Chip Walsh, Pei Ting


Call to Order: 

7:30 PM


Secretary’s Report, Steve: 

February’s meeting minutes approved


Treasurer’s Report, Mike & John K: 

            John found a check from cliff for $1250 that was not cash.  John will find out from Mike the reason for it not being cashed.


Safety, Tony: 

Tony’s safety class with the MCC will be held on the Potomac on 8/11-8/12


Roll Sessions, John K: 

Roll session fees taken in looks to have increased well above previous years.


Conservation, Chip Walsh: 

            Leonard has put a tire clean up event on the calendar.


Program, Kara: 

            May’s into class has been cancelled and will be part of the beginners class first day. Was decided to move the best of the rest to new venue and date sometime in February of 2013.  Suggestion for a pre class questionnaire for beginners class was discussed to find out skill levels and what participants were expecting to get out of class. Tony has secured pavilion for July 14th picnic.  Suggested that we not get as much chicken or rolls as last year.   


Website, Mike:

Mike was absent from meeting so no new updates.  John K will contact Mike to update everyone on the status of the new website and domain names purchase


Schedule, Nick:

            Nick to create flyer for the upcoming beginners trips to generate interest for classes. 

Membership John K:

            John reported it looks like we have 65 members that have paid dues so far this year.  Steve F will contact Angela about possibly handing over membership duties to someone else.   Will also get file from Angela of members list.


New Business: 

            Nick brought ideas for new logo.  One suggestion was to just change wording in current logo.  Decision made that we will make vote for name change and logo change at Christmas party in December. Voting for leaders and board members will take place at that time as well.  Suggestion of having membership list available to all board members was brought up.  Bill O recently talked with someone from the Baltimore county parks and recs (now in control of Robert e lee park).  Bill O will find out if they will release without having to have formal release due to having twice a year maintenance releases.  He will also speak with Larry Zephla about this as well.  Chip did not have donation policy worked up as of this meeting.  Chip will work up two or three drafts and email them to board for approval.  Once we have draft well will vote via email or at June board meeting. 




Adjourn:  8:45




Action Items:


            Nick B- Create flyer for beginners class and trips

            John K- Contact Mike about Cliff Check, web site, and domain names

            Chip W - Chip will work up two or three drafts and email them to board for approval

            Bill O – Talk with Baltimore parks and recs and Larry Z about Jones falls releases.

            Steve F – Contact Angela about membership.