Meeting Minutes 2011-02-07

Greater Baltimore Canoe Club

Board Meeting Minutes

Feb 7, 2011


Present:  Kara Brown, Nick Bowley, Michael Quinn, Tony Allred, John Kemper, Steve Forian, Chip Walsh, Bill Offutt, Marty Levine, Art Wolf, Leonard Huffines, Marycarol Skaggs


Call to Order:  7:30 PM


Secretary’s Report, Marycarol:  Add Angela as present.  Steve F’s action item:  Contact Charlie Walbridge to ask about speaking (Friend of the Che`at).  Approved as amended.


Safety, Tony:  Tony has not been able to confirm dates with John G because he’s out of the country.


Treasurer’s Report,  Michael:  Currently, 82 memberships compared with 124 at the end of Feb last year.  Lighter attendance at roll sessions.  Projection:  Mike thinks we will end up at a slight deficit this year--nothing substantial.  Move $238.38 to the unrestricted column (left over from the $1000 grant).  We renewed our ACA dues.  They are changing their fiscal year to be July through June.  Paid ahead through June 2012.


Training:  Steve B: Beginner’s class 1st and 2nd weekends of June.  1st flat, 2nd moving water.  Local.

            CPR/WFA:  Nick will investigate.

            John will still do Angler’s workouts in June.

            John will post trips from the Christmas party within the next couple of weeks.

            Charlie is welcome to continue posting the CCA trips.


Roll Sessions, Mike:          Have had 4 out of 8.  Attendance seems lighter.  We seem to have enough instructors  in the water.  MC checked into NDP’s pool, and that would be $190.  Other locations would be too far away for the guys who run the sessions.


Roster:  Should go out by April 15.  (Mailings:  change return address on all mailings to be club address).  Additional information in roster?


Conservation, Chip Walsh:  Can’t find Lafarge Gravel, the company we worked with before.   Art will find out company’s new name.  Chip needs to find a non-festival weekend to do the LGP take out.


Program Kara:  Attendance at General Meetings is so low--6 at the last and 4 of those were board members.  Tony said Monocacy has the same issue.  They stopped having meetings.  Try having activity-based meetings?  May--Paddler Orientation.  Picnic, BOTR (Steve’s Canyon trip at BOTR?), Christmas Part.  Moved to cancel March meeting.  Kara will email Art’s wife to cancel the room. 


Picnic, Tony:  July 9.  Tony will reserve.


Website, Mike: Problems?  1 of the 3 major software components (MK Portal) is no longer supported.  The site is unattractive.  The site is not easy to use. 


The site should be a marketing tool that entices people to join, and should be secure.  Option:  1:  Build from ground up?  No--too hard, costly.  2:  Use existing software--”Joomla!”.  Widely used, stable.  Lots of plug-ins, etc.  Mike will have something for us to look at at next meeting.  Art offered to help.


Adjourn:  9:08




Action Items:


            Nick:  Look into CPA/WFA course

            Art: find out gravel company’s new name. 

            Chip:  needs to find a non-festival weekend to do the LGP take out.

            Kara:  will email Art’s wife to cancel the room for March meeting

            Tony:  reserve July 9 for the picnic

            Mike:  have an example of Joomla! for us to look at next meeting.