Meeting Minutes 2013-02-11

Baltimore Canoe And Kayak Club

Board Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2013

Present:  Byron Ellis, Tony Allred, Marty Levine, Chip Walsh, Eric Ruhl, Bill Offutt, Nick Bowley, Steve Baker

Call to Order: Called to order at 7:21pm

Secretary’s Report:  December meeting minutes approved as written

Treasurer’s Report:  John Kemper reviewed the projected vs actual 2012 P&L and Balance Sheet for the club.  We were projected to be at a loss of $1.2k and ended with a favorable of $1.5k.  Primarily this was due to attendance at roll session. 

                Chip, will contact Angela regarding reimbursements for mailings from 2012.

                Treasurer’s report was approved by the board


Membership:  Renewal membership is low for 2013.  The February newsletter will be sent out to the 2013 members only

Roster:  John has the people in a database and mid-week will have it ready.  Next meeting additional discussion will occur on when to print and distribute.  2012’s roster came out early

Safety:  Fun with ropes class was a success this year, this year as opposed to last there were some different instructors that allowed a different viewpoint.  The SWR class in the August, will be completed on the Potomac.  This will most likely be done in conjunction with another club.

                Discussion ensued regarding a pin kit for the club and a first aid kit, Tony will discuss with Rick Aiken about the putting together an appropriate first aid kit for the club up to $500.  A motion was made and approved by the board

Conservation:   Chip contacted Tina from “Blue Water Baltimore” and she may attend a future meeting to talk about opportunities to partnership.  Chip discussed what the group capabilities were and she will think about opportunities for items where water support is necessary.

Discussion happened regarding dam removal on the Patapsco.  Nick had information that was provided to Chip regarding a contact for ideas to help support the removal process.

Trip/Activity Schedule/Social Program:  Steve mentioned that Rob Jenkins was recruited for the beginner’s class; for people that need additional assistance, Rob was willing to work with people that may need some extra help.  Calendars are up to date on the beginner’s program, and intermediate program.  Feedback was provided on the intermediate program and updates were made based on that feedback.

                We still need trip leads.

                A motion was made to $250 reimbursement for training exercise programs (one event per program), Picnic, etc.  The motion was approved by the board.

Website Stuff:  Due to the risk that the website will fail at any moment, discussion occurred regarding paying a 3rd party source to complete the website.  John Kemper will discuss with Mike regarding the status of the website.

New Business:

                Cross posting of club events, will not propose an issue.

                Club name officially changed per email to Nick Bowley

Action items:

                Volunteers needed for social and trip leads

                Tony Allred will look into first aid kit        

                Chip Walsh will contact Angela regarding reimbursements for mailings from 2012.

                John Kemper to send out member listing by mid-week to board

John Kemper will discuss with Mike regarding the status of the website.              

Bill Offutt will formulate a letter to have a logo contest; this will be included in the next newsletter.

General Discussion - 

Closing – 9:16pm adjournment