Meeting Minutes 2015-02-09

Meeting Date:  February 9, 2015



In attendance: Nick, John, Lewis, Marty, Bill, Byron, Tony, Eric, Ed, Jean

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were approved.

Treasurer's report: The treasurer’s report was approved as presented. John to meet with Nick for hand


Training Safety: Tony’s Swift Water Rescue Course was scheduled for July 18th and 19th.

Membership/Roster: There are currently 135 members, expected to increase with Beginners and other


Roll Sessions: Pool sessions are in progress and attendance is good. Need roughly 40 attendees a

session to break even monetarily.

Programs: Intermediate Program in progress. Beginners Program was starting April 25th. The Calendar

was up to date, there were a few opening for Bloomington releases, possible Cheat Narrows trips.

501c3: Nick had filled out the paper work to re-acquire tax exempt club status and as Treasurer was

going to execute along with $450 one time filing fee. Standard yearly filing fees were minimal.

CPR: Bill to reach out to Fire Department about hosting a certified CPR/First aide course for the club at

Kinder Farm Park. Club possibly to sponsor cost and food.

Loaner Gear: Loaner gear guidelines were discussed. Generally for beginners through the program,

members could demo, friends of members must become paying members. Bill to write guidelines and

Tony to review.

Club Sponsored Activities:

Spring WV Weekend was going to be $40 per person, interest seemed high and it was proposed to

reserve a larger 12 person cabin at Canaan Valley (more floor space). A motion to reserve the larger

cabin and for the club to subsidize cost overage if not covered by attendance fees was approved.

The large pavilion at the Confluence Camp Ground was reserved for the Yough Weekend. The overflow

area used last year was available if needed.

First Aid Kit: If the first aid kit was not donated by April 25th the first Beginners Program the Club to

purchase one from NRS or similar source.

Promotion & Graphics – The club website offers the ability for club members to purchase BCKC club

themed T shirts, business cards, license plate holders, stickers and magnetic stickers. Board members to

spread the word to help promote the club. It was suggested it be addressed in the next Newsletter.

Donations: Eric to reach out one more time to Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival and Friends of the Cheat

to see if they will reciprocate a donation with a logo on the event shirt, as part of our donation policy of

getting bang for the buck and diversifying our conservation effort of donations. If unsuccessful the issue

would be closed.

Boy Scouts of America: Level of interest and ability to benefit each other was not deemed practical.

Towson Pool: Eric to check on possibility of using Towson Pool for roll sessions which was a large

venue and could be a possible asset.

New Business

Isaak Walton League: The Isaak Walton League had reached out to the club. Eric to follow up about

mutual interests and possibly cross posting events and accomplishments.

LGP Take Out: Bill to reach out to DNR about take out parking lot closure, express BCKC concerns.

2014 Year review and Suggestions:

Suggested we reserve the Confluence campground pavilion for Yough Weekend early each year in


If high water at Beginners Programs like Muddy Creek last year what would be good ways to change

locations. One suggestion was meeting at a park and ride that was convenient to two location such as

Muddy and Octoraro.

Stress buddy system at Beginner Program and Club events. Beginners felt more comfortable with more

structure however a clipboard and whistle approach could reduce some of the fun factor. The goal was to

be safe, teach and make it enjoyable.

Trip leads to try and make sure there were enough support boaters for Beginner Programs and the

heavier attended Beginner follow up events. Try to get board members and advanced boaters notice if

they needed help. Low attendance at Jones Falls was mentioned.

It was suggested if unsafe or environmentally unfriendly practices were observed on a trip that it should

be addressed.

A goal of 300 members was proposed.

Board Meetings and Locations;

April 13th – Nick

June 8th – Lew or Eric

August 10th – Eric or Lew

October 12th – Marty

December 18th – Bill