Meeting Minutes 2015-10-12

BCKC Board Meeting Notes taken by Jean Blizzard 10-12-15 – Location: Marty’s office in Jessup Attendees: John, Nick, Jean, Ed, Byron, Marty, Bill, Steve Meeting start: 7:30pm Old Business Prior meeting notes discussion: Ed added a note about he and Tony creating a “Beginner’s Etiquette List” from the last meeting. Notes approved and accepted by all. Budget discussion: Budget was reviewed and approved by all. Training & Safety: TonyR not here to discuss. It was noted that we did pick up some first aid kits. Membership: -All membership content has been formally passed onto Nick Bowley by John Kemper. -John owes Nick a list of the members that signed up 9/1/15 so their membership can be continued thru 2016. -NickB will post the 2016 membership call on the BCKC web site and on FB. Programs discussion by point #: (submitted by EricR) 2) Need new instructors for beginner sessions. Suggested candidates: Nick Shockney, Kelly McCabe, Andrew Rabinowitz, Andrew Froom, Joe Lamiotte(sp?), Kelly Simmons 3) Suggestions for Ladies trip lead: Nancy Kell, Kelly McCabe, Kelly Simmons 6) TonyA is going to lead the Tohicken trip. 7) Note: It was requested that Board Members have access to the FB login/password in order to make changes as needed. 8) Motion passed to reserve Goucher College pool for paddle sessions –John will call and reserve the Goucher pool for January pool sessions. Instructor Suggestions: Andrew Froom, Kelly McCabe, Kelly Simmons Newsletter: -Nick says he is happy to take on the newsletter. -We need to post invitations to join the board in the newsletter. Holiday Party: -Steve will inquire about some details for the party. -Motion approved by all to raise the door prize amount this year to $350. New Business Conservation: We will post in the newsletter, web site and FB asking for someone in the club who may have interest in leading a conservation effort. AW Membership: Motion approved by all to pay AW dues for 2016. Disclaimers for beginner sessions: Motion approved by all to have an ACA waiver signed and charge a $5 per day fee for the two day Beginner Classes (spring and fall for Daniel’s Dam trip and moving water trip). Discussion on liabilities and insurance issues: -Steve will inquire to AW and Bill will inquire to Keel Haulers to ask how they handle liability situations and get some insights for how we can protect ourselves against possible liability issues. -We need to investigate “errors and omissions” waiver/clause for Board Members to protect us from liability as best as possible should a suit be filed against the club. -Steve will ask AW and bring info to next board meeting. 501C3 Status Nick needs a check in order to process this. Written policy for loaner gear: Nick will write a loaner policy for boats and we will review it at the next board meeting. Next Board Meeting: -December 14, 2015 -Come with ideas of suggestions for new board members. -Review BCKC bi-laws. Suggestions for new board members: George Currie, Nick Shockney, Andrew Rabinowitz, Kelly Kolson Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm