Meeting Minutes 2015-12-13

BCKC Board Meeting Notes taken by Byron Ellis 12-13-15 – Location: Kinder Park

Attendees: John, Nick, Byron, Marty, Bill, Steve, Tony, Lewis, Kelly M, Kelly S, George

Meeting start: 7:30pm

Budget discussion: Budget was reviewed and approved by all. Year was a “Break Even”

Training & Safety: Tony was going to have next SWS Class in August.

Membership: All membership content has been formally passed onto Nick Bowley by John Kemper. There had

Programs 1) Eric had e-mailed out request for trip leads and instructors.

been approximately (260) 2015 members and there were approximately (20) signed up for 2016.

2) There was a trip leaders social/meeting on Thursday 12/17/15.

3) Ed and Tony had written a Trip Coordinator Guide Line. Nick to post on web site.

4) It was suggested there be at least two separate teams for Beginner programs to distribute


3) Goucher’s pool had been reserved for Roll Sessions.

4) there had been approximately (60)events in 2015

Newsletter: Nick was working on the newsletter.

Conservation: We will post in the newsletter, web site and FB asking for someone in the club who may have

interest in leading a conservation effort.

Roll Sessions: Discussed to continue $5 for ACA Members or $10 the first there and $5 for each after for none

Disclaimers for

beginner sessions:

Discussion on

liabilities and

insurance issues:

501C3 Status Nick and John working on it

Written policy for

loaner gear:

Board Meeting


New board


Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm

ACA members.

(10/12/15 note): Motion approved by all to have an ACA waiver signed and charge a $5 per day

fee for the two day Beginner Classes (spring and fall for Daniel’s Dam trip and moving water trip).

(12/13/15 note): Discussion was to amend the above to the first four beginner sessions

(instructional trips) and $30 for all four sessions was discussed (I don’t believe there was a vote to

approve). All trips after that were considered non-instructional.

Bill did inquire to Keel Haulers to ask how they handle liability. They said they only did the waiver

when joining club. In general there was no way to get perfect protection and more expense and

time devoted to it were not proportional to coverage.

Nick wrote a loaner policy and it was reviewed at the board meeting. (I don’t believe there was a

vote to approve)

Feb- Nick, April-Lew, June-Steve, August-John, October-Marty, December-Open.

George Currie, Nick Shockney, Andrew Rabinowitz, Kelly MaCabe