Meeting Minutes 2016-02-08

BCKC Board Meeting 2/8/16


Jean , Ed, Lew, Nick B., George, John, Kelly, Byron, Nick S., Eric, Bill, Tony

Treasurer’s Report:

Report approved.

Committee Reports:


109 current members (individuals)


Event calendar is out on FB and has been emailed out.

WV weekend, cabin is booked and all other information will go out this week. The fee will be $45.

Yough weekend is in planning stage. We will use the old site by the dam. We need pop-ups from anyone who has them. Eric will check with John about getting steaks.

Intermediate Sessions

Are planned – the first had to be rescheduled due to the snow storm.

Roll Session Reviews:

73 individual participants – we’ve had 8-10 instructors

The wrist band program worked well.

Extra Roll Session Date/Time:  We can have a make-up roll session on the Sunday after the last session – but the time available is 7pm – 9pm.

Trip Leaders & Support Boaters:

Eric would like all trip leads to watch out for talent that can be able to teach others. Also, please do not overuse the same support boaters – try to spread out who you use.

Charity contributions:

Cheat Feast:  the booth positioning was undesirable. The banner was small and due to positioning couldn’t be seen.

AW:  We don’t really have a mid-Atlantic representative. The question is what do we contribute this year. We will table any further conversation on the contributions for this until we review the “contribution policy” which is on the website. (jb: get copy of contribution policy from BCKC web site and send to all board members)

Harper’s Ferry Outdoor Festival:  We will spend up to $350 this year.

Gear Update:  Eric would like a line item $ amount for replacing small items - $50 was approved as a line item for Eric – and he will turn in receipts for all purchases.

June 11th Floatilla – Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

Being offered to us at no cost. We need to find someone to man the booth. Nick will secure the booth spot – he will also be the main contact.

Conservation Project:

Eric will use Alix Sandler as his main contact.

Trip/Activity Liability:

Liability Forms:  John discussed that we need to have ACA Liability Forms for each of the first four Beginner Session. After discussion about the topic.  A motion was passed to have a liability form signed by any first timer coming to a Beginner session – the waiver will cover all Beginner Sessions.

Gear Loaner Agreement:  Eric will provide a draft form and email it to all board members.

Izaak Walton League – offered our club access – tabled for further discussion.

501c3 – Nick says everything in IRS says we are 501c3. We are applying for 501c4.

Board Meeting Schedule:

February              Nick B
April                       Lew
June                      Steve
August                  Eric
October               Marty
December           Bill O.

Emergency Medical Center Lists:

Tony will complete this list as is possible.

Meeting adjourned at 8:53pm.