Meeting Minutes 2016-04-18

BCKC Board Meeting Minutes
- John Kemper
- Lew Glaeser
- Steve Baker
- Bill Offutt
- Tony Allred
- Kelly McCabe
- Nick Shockney
- Marty Levine
- George Currie
- Eric Ruhl (via Skype)
Secretary's Report
- no meeting minutes available
Treasurer's Report
- Treasurer's report was reviewed by John Kemper.
- Club currently filed as 501(c)(4). Nick Bowley and Eric Ruhl still working on securing 501(c)
(3) status.
- Motion was passed to approve year-to-date budget.
Training & Safety
- Swift water rescue class scheduled for weekend of 8/13-8/14 by Tony Allred.
- Tony Allred working with Charles Duffy on re-certification.
- Current membership count is 171. This includes carry-over from 2015 and family members
which is why Dues does not match membership.
- West Virginia trip was success with only minor issues.
- Beginners Program
- 38-40 registered as attending with another 30 interested
- 16 new attendees need gear
- Additional medium boats will be needed
- Yough Family Weekend
- John Muhl has agreed to provide steaks again this year. Will need to get headcount to
ensure enough supply.
- Fees will be $25 per person.
- Marty Levine will provide raft, guide will need to be found.
- Advanced group will start earlier than intermediate group.
New Business
- Pool Session Review
- John Kemper discussed a chipped tile on side of pool with Goucher contact. Contact was
not concerned.
- All together the sessions were a success.
- Annual Calendar
- Approximately 75 trips on calendar for this year
- Trip Leads / Support Boaters
- Eric Ruhl working on final draft of Calendar. Currently waiting on alternate trip lead for
later summer Yough trip from George Currie.
- Once finalized, Ruhl will distribute and confirm trip lead availability.
- Gear Update
- All gear in working condition.
- Only issue is (1) skirt needs to have the grab loop sewn back on. John Kemper to pick
up skirt Saturday at flat water clinic and have repaired.
- Baltimore Flotilla
- George Currie to confirm whether available to act as trip lead.
- Patapsco Valley State Park Support
- Flyer for Cocktails for Trails event was reviewed.
- Board agreed to distribute flyer but not donate any money
- Conservation Projects
- Eric Ruhl not present to review
- Charity Contributions
- Club to donate to American Whitewater and American Canoe Association
- Amount to be donated to American Whitewater to be revisited in August
- Club will not donate to Friends of Cheat
- Any other donations will be discussed at future meetings.
- Liability
- 1st time attendees for events must sign a waiver, $5 will not be collected when waiver
- Equipment loan waiver being prepared by Eric Ruhl not ready.
- Next board meeting to be held at Steve Baker's house on June 13th