Meeting Minutes 2016-06-13

Meeting on 6/13/16 – opened at 7:30pm

Board Member Attendees:

Jean Blizzard

Ed Blizzard

Kelly McCabe

Eric Ruhl

Lew Glaeser

Steve Baker

Bill Offut

Nick Shockney

Andrew Rabinowitz

George Currie

John Kemper

Marty Levine

Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from 4/18/16 meeting read.
Motion made and passed to accept.

Treasurer’s Report:  Discussed – no comments/questions.

WV Trip – success (Eric Ruhl) – would like to keep the same cabin for next year – it was helpful having much more room. 

Motion made and approved and passed.

Extraneous Discussion:

John Muhl will no longer be a member of the BCKC board.

Swift Water Rescue :

Ed read email from Tony Allred – Tony is desiring to resign as the club safety person. Tony is suggesting that we consider Andrew Froom. Eric has talked to Andrew and he is considering it.

Lew suggests that whoever the safety person is should attend the first two of the Beginner classes to discuss safety to the group.

Discussion about who should be encouraged to attend the Swift Water Rescue class.

There was motion made for a pre-approved $50 amount for up to 4 club members to attend the SWRC and in return they would agree to attend the first two Beginner Classes to discuss safety and they would also be required to assist during the Swift Water Rescue Classes.

Motion was passed.

Programs – Eric Ruhl:

Strong beginner group – 12-15 are borrowing boats. They are all working with Eric and searching for their own boats.

Yough trip has fair attendance. Eric was hoping for a larger turn out this year.

Jean will be the breakfast casserole person until further notice.

We need pop-up tents – Bill will provide 4 – Ed will provide 1.

Beginner Program:

Eric suggests we invite some kids for a learning session. He will add it as an invite to the summer BBQ.

New Business:

Boat Loaner Discussion:

Reference was made to the returning policy and that anyone who has questions about how it works, needs to go back and review the loaner policy. If we want to make changes, we need to revisit the policy in a board meeting.

Eric will give Nick Bowley the QR code for our FB page – to make stickers for members to put on their boats.

Nick Bowley will send the electronic file for the BCKC business cards to all board members via email.

Ohio Pyle’s Festival will be held Oct 1st this year.

Gear Update: (Eric R)

Working a fix for thigh braces on a Piranha. Motion made and approved to get repair parts.

We have a canoe that need some parts.

We are getting 2 rec boats for free and have a Drago Rossi Race boat which Eric would like to take to Brad to trade for one good WW boat. Motion made and approved for Eric to be able to spend up to $200 in addition to the trade in of the 3 boats above to buy a boat of his selection for the club.

Trip Leads (Eric):

We have about 15-19 new trip leads from the beginner groups.

Lew and Eric say the trips have been much better this year as far as burdens on him and Eric.

Baltimore Flotilla: (George)

There were a lot of people that showed interest.

Suggests we do it again next year – it was free and gains interest.

Patasco Valley Event:

Eric will send George Curry the info so he can attend this Thursday (6/16/16).


Bryan Stewart – he’s interested in doing conservation stuff in the club. John will invite him to our next board meeting.

Equipment Liability Waiver:

Eric will get the waiver done and email it before Kelly McCabe’s trip in July.

501C4: (Eric)

We have applied and been accepted.

Next Board Meeting:

October 10th, 2016 - Marty’s place of business

Meeting adjourned: 8:50pm